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You can help protect the history and preserve the memories of Greenwood Cemetery by partnering with Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery.

Together, let's ensure that Greenwood Cemetery has a stable foundation to meet whatever demands the future may hold.

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Cemeteries are interesting and unique places.  Some are private and some public, some have owners on-site and others are less than secure when the sun sets.   Some, like Greenwood Cemetery, date back to 1891 and have gravesite sections devoted to Pioneer interments and are infused with history.

The owners of Greenwood Cemetery have been at the task of managing and maintaining the cemetery grounds for almost 40 years and it is through their perseverance that the cemetery enjoys the peaceful and natural setting we have all come to cherish.   Mike and Lynda Leamy have been excellent owners and caretakers throughout the years, but there is no succession plan in place at this time and retirement looms.     

With your help, we can respect the almost 10 thousand occupied plots and additional 6 thousand available spaces at Greenwood Cemetery by ensuring that there is a plan in place for future maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and the monuments themselves, regardless of future cemetery ownership.     In order for that to succeed, we need not only multi-generational support and membership in the Friends group but financial support and partnership as well.


With no immediate problem, it is easy to become complacent and wait until cemetery degradation is noticed before reacting.  Instead,  let's anticipate future challenges and prepare for them.  We want to respect the gravesites at Greenwood and keep them in the best condition possible because they are part of our history and the memories are what keep them alive.  Together, we can preserve the loving and warm character of this cemetery and protect it.

What support do we need?  


To be best prepared for the future,  we will want to work with the Leamy’s on a cemetery To-Do List as well as a Wish List and find meaningful ways to keep up on those items through community partnerships and support from Friends.   


On the To-Do List; we know there are still historical monuments that need to be righted, protected, and preserved.  There are driveways that need gravel and signage needs to remind people to be cautious and to slow down.  Additionally, there are issues with invasive plant control and several other honey-do items.   Is there a service group or community business you are connected with that might help us meet these immediate goals?  Some projects will require funding and others may be accomplished with in-kind donations and volunteer labor.  


One item on the Wish List was an informational pavilion that would help direct people to the gravesite they are looking for and other longer-term projects.   Friends' donations helped make that a reality and the cemetery now has a beautiful kiosk.  
How to get involved? 


The absolute best thing a supporter can do is sign up to be a Friend and join us in some capacity to help preserve Greenwood Cemetery.   We plan to send out periodic messages about what’s happening at Greenwood and we look forward to hearing from you and learning about your connection and interest in Greenwood.  


We envision future volunteer workdays and possibly some fundraising events.   There are opportunities for service groups, school groups, and scouting groups to help in a wide variety of projects.  We need to get the word out about the opportunities to help support, preserve, and protect Greenwood Cemetery.    If you can work individually or with your group along with our advisory board on issues like on-site workdays, it would be an extremely valuable contribution.

Yes, we also need your financial support, and thank you in advance for considering the many ways that are possible for you to partner with us in securing the future of Greenwood Cemetery!   

What we do...
Protect the history and preserve the memories


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