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Who do you love at Greenwood Cemetery?

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If you have loved ones at Greenwood, own a plot, or have an interest in the area's history,  you can help protect and preserve the future of Greenwood Cemetery by becoming a Friend and considering a tax-deductible donation. 


There are many ways to partner with us, including volunteering and in-kind donations (please also check out the tax planning tab).  The online donation button below will take you to a new and secure page where you can enter your information.  Thank you for your help and support!


Checks can be made payable to "Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery" and mailed to: 

Greenwood Cemetery

Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery

91569 Highway 202 Astoria, 

Oregon  97103

Employer Sponsored Matching Programs:

Does your employer have a charitable program where they will match employee donations?  Your gift will go twice as far when you donate to Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery through that corporate program.

Does your employer have a volunteer matching program?   If so, your volunteer time at Greenwood Cemetery would be matched by a corporate donation to Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery.  Please check with your employer to see if they offer any kind of charitable matching program.

Thank you for helping to secure a bright and respectful future for all the memorials at Greenwood Cemetery!   Thank you for being a Friend!


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