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Friends of Astoria Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood is a pioneer cemetery, an outdoor museum, a memento of great achievements and unheralded lives of ordinary people who contributed greatly to both culture and structure, leaving a better place for those who followed, some by their lives, others by their departures.  Here lie explorers, people of commerce and industry, civic leaders, murderers, gamblers, loggers, fisherfolk, and a host of early settlers who lived lives of quiet desperation.  Immigrants from Scandinavia, Finland and Ireland wrote to family members back in their land of birth, saying, “Come on over! It looks just like home!” Each grave has a story waiting to be told. 


--Michael Leamy,

Greenwood Cemetery

Our Mission Statement

Assist Astoria Greenwood Cemetery in preserving and promoting its historical character, foster and support the restoration and preservation of the Cemetery’s monuments, and raise funds and seek volunteer services to accomplish these goals.

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